Terms and conditions
The legal basis of the competition:
Participation in this competition implies the acceptance and compliance of the following terms and conditions:
1.1 Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, hereafter: “the organiser” and/or "Real Madrid" has organised the following competition: "SPORT THE NEW JERSEY" (hereafter “the competition”).  Real Madrid is a sports organisation, registered in Madrid, Avda. Concha Espina number 1, 28036 and with Tax Identification Number G-28034718.
1.2 The aim of the competition organised by Real Madrid is to hold a draw for one (1) official Real Madrid 2017/18 home jersey featuring the serigraph printing from Daniel Cellabos' official unveiling, with the player's name, shirt number and signature, from amongst the entrants who correctly complete the competition registration form.
1.3 The competition is regulated by these specific rules, which can be accessed at the "OUR NEW PLAYER, YOUR NEW JERSEY" application. By entering the competition, any physical person implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules.
1.4 All of the information relating to the competition (its terms and conditions, instructions and the way the competition works, its organisers, prizes and schedule) can be found in the section of the advert which is intended for the review of these terms and conditions.

2.1 In order to enter the competition entrants must be over the age of 14 on the date on which the competition opens, and their personal information must be correctly filled out in the competition-specific form which can be found when accessing the advertisement.
2.2 To participate entrants must go to the application and follow these steps:
1.- Go to the "OUR NEW PLAYER, YOUR NEW JERSEY" application.
2.- Fill out the form with the personal details requested of you.
3.- Read and accept the terms and conditions and the data protection information.

2.3 In addition, holders of the Madridista card who accredit their status upon receiving promotional correspondence relating to this competition shall also be able to enter. The Madridista card holders shall receive digital newsletters about the competition in which they will be required to identify themselves with their card and password and they will then be able to join the entrants in the draw.
2.4 For the purposes of the competition, only the entry forms of entrants to have filled out all of the obligatory fields with accurate, full and up-to-date information will be considered as being valid. Inaccurate information or forms submitted after the set deadline will not be accepted.
2.5 Entrants who do not meet all of the requirements included in these legal basis will not be allowed to win the prize.
2.6 The directors and employees of Real Madrid or their direct family members, or the directors or employees of intermediary companies cannot take part in the competition, be it directly or indirectly.
2.7 Entries must be made personally by the individual entering the competition, under no circumstances will entries made by third parties be accepted.
2.8 It is free to enter the competition

Competition entries are not restricted to any geographical area and the competition opens from 12:00 (GMT +1) Spanish Peninsular time on 14 July 2017 and closes at 23:59 on 24 July 2017.
4.1 To enter the competition, entrants must enter the "OUR NEW PLAYER, YOUR NEW JERSEY" application and complete the registration form accurately, fully and with up-to-date information.
4.2 In the case of the holders of the Madridista card, given that they are entrants who have previously been identified by the club, their participation in the draw will be completed through the prior identification of the card holder, the confirmation of their personal details in the Madridista participation application and the submission of these details.
4.3 The terms and conditions of this competition are kept and notarized in the offices of the Madrid Notary, Mr. Cruz Gonzalo López Müller Gómez, Calle Padilla number 1, 28001, Madrid.
4.4 Of all of the competition entrants a draw will be made for one (1) official Real Madrid 2017/18 home jersey featuring the serigraph printing from Daniel Cellabos' official unveiling, with the player's name, shirt number and signature.
4.5 The prize draw will be made randomly no less than 15 days after the competition has closed in the presence of the Madrid Notary, who has notarized these terms and conditions. Real Madrid reserves the right to alter the date of the draw at its own convenience.
To this end, prior to the staging of the draw, Real Madrid will submit a document featuring all of the entrants who have satisfied all of the requirements specified in these terms and conditions.
5.1 When the competition closes (find details in Section 3), and following a random draw with a certification of validity, the following winners and reserve winners will be chosen, as laid down in this promotion:
• One (1) provisional winner.
• Three (3) provisional reserve winners.
5.2 Real Madrid will inform the winner of the results of the draw and how and when they will receive their prize via email to the email address indicated in the registration form. The winners will have forty-eight (48) hours to claim their prize.
5.3 In the event that the winners does not reply to the email or they do not get in touch to claim their prize within forty-eight (48) hours, or if they reject the first prize awarded in this competition, said prize shall go to the next reserve winner to have come out of the draw.
5.4 The winner may reject the prize, but under no circumstances shall the prize be exchanged for money.
6.1 Entrants to the competition freely grant Real Madrid any sort of rights which they may be entitled to in relation to the information presented for the competition taken from publications on the https://www.facebook.com/RealMadrid page and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, divulgation, making it available to the public, as well as the right of adaptation, including on the telecommunication networks and the internet for everyone's consumption and its entry into the public domain, with the organising committee being able to grant and transfer this information via any medium and also allowing third parties to licence these rights.
7.1 Under no circumstances do the pages or profiles of entrants represent Real Madrid, and as such, Real Madrid is not responsible for the content published on them.
7.2 Real Madrid reserves the right to delay, cancel, change the rules, repeat or terminate the competition at any time in the event of exceptional circumstances, whilst informing of these circumstances in such a way so that they do not prove detrimental in any way to the entrants.
7.3 Non-compliance with any of the terms and conditions laid down here shall give the organiser of the competition full discretion to disqualify the entrant at any time; likewise, the organiser reserves the exclusive right to reject the right for entrants to take part, if they consider that the conditions established here have been infringed upon.
7.4 In the event that the organiser has reasonable suspicions that an entrant has committed fraud, manipulation, has been dishonest or does not meet the entry requirements, they shall refuse to award the prize which has been won or disqualify the entrant.
7.5 In the event of an error, a misunderstanding or conflict in relation to the way any element of the competition works, or with the behaviour of an entrant, the decision made by the organiser in this regard will be definitive and final.
7.6 The organiser reserves the right to take the necessary decisions to ensure that the competition runs smoothly, with these being expressly accepted by all entrants.
7.7 In no way shall the organiser by responsible for the non-compliance or any type of infraction relating to this competition, and shall not be held liable in the event of losses suffered by entrants caused by the prizes or any other aspects of the competition.
7.8 Likewise, the organiser shall not be held liable for damages suffered by an entrant arising from their enjoyment of the prize.
7.9 The entrant excludes the organiser of all liability and shall indemnify them against any claims as a result of the damages which may arise from activities carried out with the awarded prize.
8.1 The organiser reserves the right to use the names, surnames and the images of the entrants, to reproduce them and use them in any advertising and promotional activities related to the competition without this usage involving any right to payment or any type of benefits.

8.2 The organiser can use the names, surnames and images of the entrants on its website and in other medium as it sees fit.

Data Protection Policy

In accordance with the established in the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data which you provide will become part of the automated file, registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the owner of which is Real Madrid, registered at Concha Espina number 1, 28036, Madrid.

This information will be used by Real Madrid to manage your participation in the following competition: "OUR NEW PLAYER, YOUR NEW JERSEY", on Facebook, including the award of the prize. In addition, in the event that you are the winner, this information will also be used to inform you of this by email.

Furthermore, we inform you that Real Madrid reserves the right not to use the content published by entrants on Real Madrid's official Facebook page where this content is inappropriate or offensive. Under no circumstances shall Real Madrid be responsible for the content published by the entrants on Real Madrid's Facebook page, with the entrants assuming sole responsibility for the damages that inappropriate profile content could cause to Real Madrid or any third party.

Likewise, you're giving your consent for Real Madrid to use your personal information to send commercial communications, including digital communications, about Real Madrid products, as well as information about events, offers and the club's news, to take part in prize draws, as well as to benefit from the advantages offered by Real Madrid. We inform you that your personal information could be passed on to our sponsors and partners, for the same purposes as those previously indicated and which are relevant to each of them. Our sponsors and partners include organisations working in the following industries: Financial, Telecommunications, Electronics and Electrical appliances, Media, IT, Beauty and Hygiene, Textile and Accessories, Automobile, Electrical, Retail and catalogue sales, Food products, Chemical and Petro-chemical, Games and Entertainment. You can consult the names of our sponsors and partners automatically at www.realmadrid.com.

Finally, we point out that you can exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the terms included in the regulations on data protection by contacting Real Madrid via the following email address: oposicion@corp.realmadrid.com or at its offices in Concha Espina number 1, 28036, Madrid.